Race Track Driving for Kids

Now is the time to let your kids experience the race car driving. There are many race tracks where children can drive in special cars designed for them. Kids can drive their favourite cars and test their driving skills on a real race track. The children who want to experience this type of driving should just have sufficient height so they can reach the pedals easily. They should be able to see over the dashboard. Kids in the age group of 11-17 years can go behind the wheels in some of the fastest cars. Your kid does not need young driver car insurance because the insurance is included in the racing package. At the same time, you will have to sign a waiver before your kid gets in the car for racing on the track.

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Controlled Activities

A kid driving such a car is not as risky as it seems. Your kid will be under the control of a qualified instructor at all times while driving. Most cars have a kill switch that brings the vehicle to a halt if there is a safety concern. There is dual control system and other safety features that have been designed keeping in mind the younger drivers. This type of racing is not for experiencing the fastest driving. The kids have to drive within the speed limit specified for them. They drive on a separate track away from the racing cars being driven by adult race car drivers. There is maximum safety which ensures maximum fun for the kids.


A parent or guardian must accompany the kid. Arranging race car driving for a kid on a real racing circuit requires booking the car, track and service in advance. Now it is possible to book these activities online. You should check the details about track days and timings to know when you can drive on the track. No driving license is required for the kids. It is also not necessary for them to have any driving experience.

Kids Race Gear

Before taking your kid to the racing track, it is a good idea to buy the gears needed for this purpose. Your child should wear proper safety gears. Helmets, gloves, head and neck restraints, racing shoes, neck support collars, racing seats, safety seats, racing suits, seat belts, arm restraints and other items for young race car drivers are available. Car racing uniforms for all budgets can be found. T-shirts, jackets, body suits and pullover hoodies in all sizes are available. All these items can be ordered online.

The Race track

There are many popular race tracks where kids can enjoy car racing in real cars. The track has high quality surface perfect for race car driving. Some race tracks have been designed for beginner car racers. These tracks mostly have straight track except for a few bends. The kids can also drive on other race circuits that are designed for professional car and bike races.

Let your kids have lots of fun with the car racing. It can be a birthday gift to your kid. Check all details prior to booking the race car driving for your kid. Some companies provide transportation services from a nearby pickup point. The cars have aggressive styling but they are purpose built for kids. A dedicated and experienced instructor will assist your kid. Do not forget to bring your camera to capture this memorable experience.